About Buccaneer Paints


Buccaneer Paints, formerly known as SA Surface Coatings (Sales) (Pty) Ltd, was formed in October 1975. It manufactures specialised coatings and liquid plastic products in Cape Town, South Africa.

It distributes its products throughout Southern Africa (Namibia, Zambia, Malawi and Mauritius) and to all South Africa’s major cities (Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban, Port Elizabeth, East London and Cape Town).

Systems & Inventions was formed as technical division after inventing the world’s first Teflon non-stick water-based emulsion in 1987. It was incorporated as a company in 1992 (Reg. No. 1992/000989/07) and trades as Buccaneer Paints, also taking over the manufacturing and sales of SA Surface Coatings in that year.

In 1993, Buccaneer invented the world’s first non-stick eco-friendly anti-fouling paint for ships, and continued to do so until 2001, when it expanded and included in its operations the full range of waterproofing and liquid plastic products that it had founded in 1975. All products were re-branded under the S-26 label.


As volumes and sales expanded, various franchised companies were incorporated into the group, allowing each company to focus on its own manufacturing facility and area of operations:

  • Buccaneer EHF (Iceland)
  • Buccaneer Canada Ltd.(Canada)
  • Safeline Road Marking Paints (in conjunction with Martin & East Ltd) (Cape Town)
  • The Research & Development Facility (Noordhoek, Western Cape).

Innovation and technology

Since its inception, the company has focused on new inventions and unique technology, which has not only enabled it to assist customers to resolve their technical problems, but enabled the company to have a very extensive and broad customer base, assisting more than 300 customers daily, supported by more than 200 distributors and outlets across Southern Africa.

Buccaneer serves the following sectors, in both retail and wholesale markets: marine, industrial, decorative, waterproofing, renovation, remedial and new construction.