Specialised Products

  • Applications: Fillers and Sealants, Wood, Walls

    S-26 Plastic Crack Filler

    S-26 Plastic Crack Filler is a flexible, single-compound solid filler for any cracks. It can be used in cement, concrete, plaster, wood work and most types of materials.

    It will flex and move with the substrata for many years, forming a waterproof sealant. S-26 Plastic Crack Filler is suitable for external and internal use.

  • Applications: Wood Preservative, Wood

    S-26 Plastic Wood Preservative with T.E.F. - VERTICAL APPLICATION ONLY

    S-26 Plastic Wood Preservative with T.E.F.(Teflon) is a long-lasting external vertical wood preservative where abrasion by impact does not occur.

    *Teflon is a registered trademark and a brand name owned by Chemours (formally DuPont).

  • Applications: Road Marking

    S-26 SafeLine Cold Plastic Type 1

    S-26 SafeLine Liquid Plastic Type 1 offers a cost-effective, very durable and long-lasting road marking system. Its safety and durability properties have made it the industry standard.

  • Applications: Roofing, Walls

    S-26 SAVE IT

    S-26 SAVE IT is a unique protective solvent designed to be applied over a high-quality water-based paint or waterproof coating. It provides a protective cover to a freshly painted surface.

    An invisible curing agent, it will allow a painted surface to dry without being damaged as a result of dew or sudden rain.

  • Applications: Floors, Primer - General, Roofing, Wood, Walls

    S-26 Stabilising Primer

    S-26 Stabilising Primer is a unique water-soluble primer designed to adhere to most surfaces. It is designed to penetrate surfaces. Do not use it on metal.