Our Environmental Guarantee

Buccaneer Plastics has been at forefront of environmental technology for decades.

In 1991, we were the first company in the world to develop and manufacture the world’s first eco-friendly non-stick anti-fouling paint (Bottom Paint) without using TBTs (Tributyltin) – 10 years before international legislation banned these biocides.

We have not used and will not use lead, chlorine, Tributyltin or organo tins or any substances in our products or from our raw material suppliers – even if local legislation allows this.

We continuously seek better and more environmental methods to invent, develop and utilise technology, utilising raw materials that are user-friendly and environmentally friendly.

Unlike many conventional paints, Buccaneer Liquid Plastics do not degrade or chalk quickly or easily. They form a tough, virtually indestructible mould over whatever they are applied to, and are readily overcoatable, thereby providing maximum protection and containing potential delamination of surfaces (such as rust, asbestos, etc.) that could become environmental hazards.