• Applications: Wood, Metal, Fibreglass

    S-26 Epoxy Enamel Coating

    S-26 Epoxy Enamel Coating(Twin Pack) is designed for table tops, fibreglass finishes, wooden surfaces, metal doors and cranes – where extreme use is anticipated.

  • Applications: Fillers and Sealants, Wood, Walls

    S-26 Plastic Crack Filler

    S-26 Plastic Crack Filler is a flexible, single-compound solid filler for any cracks. It can be used in cement, concrete, plaster, wood work and most types of materials. It can also be tinted for a large contact.

    It will flex and move with the substrata for many years, forming a waterproof sealant. S-26 Plastic Crack Filler is suitable for external and internal use.

  • Applications: Floors, Primer - General, Roofing, Wood, Walls

    S-26 Stabilising Primer

    S-26 Stabilising Primer is a unique water-soluble primer designed to adhere to most non-ferrous metal surfaces. It is designed to penetrate surfaces.