S-26 Liquid Plastic Solutions

S-26 Storm Seal Very Heavy Duty (VHD)


S-26 Storm Seal Very Heavy Duty (VHD)

S-26 Storm Seal Very Heavy Duty has the same characteristics as S-26 Storm Seal Heavy Duty (HD), but incorporates minute nylon fibres, making it much thicker.

It is a mastic, not a paint. Its claim to fame is its longevity, liquid, cold-applied, full waterproofing characteristics and its ability to move and flex with the substrata for as long as 30 years, provided it is applied correctly.

S-26 Storm Seal Very Heavy Duty can also cure the walls of buildings with thin hairline cracks.


1L, 5L, 20L

Spread rate:

1litre = 3m² to 4m², depending on substrate (add 30% for corrugation)


Grey, Charcoal, Black, White, Terracotta Red, Mid Green



Outstanding characteristics:

Has been used for more than 40 years throughout Europe and South Africa
Single-component aqua-borne product
Seamless liquid plastic coating
Resists corrosion and fungal attack
Sets quickly and begins to dry immediately after application
Remains flexible, tough and waterproof
Withstands ponding water
Prevents oxidisation
Conserves heat and energy
Applicable to all types of roofing and substrates
Can be recoated or repaired quickly, easily and economically
Extremely durable and weatherproof

Suitable for:

  • Roofs - large flat
  • Gutters
  • Bolt heads
  • Container repairs
  • Parapet walls
  • Flashings
  • Sheds
  • Marine waterproofing
  • General waterproofing sealant
  • Roof tile sealant
  • Tank roof waterproofing


Specifications for flat roofs:

  1. See our Preliminary and General Notes
  2. Apply one coat of S-26 Stabilising Primer.
  3. Follow this with two coats (two different colours) of S-26 Storm Seal VHD to a combined minimum thickness of 500 microns.


Application tools:

  • Block brush
  • Trowel or brush